Patient Information

Access to Personal Medical Records

Under the Privacy Act 1988, you have the right to access your personal health records from One Healthcare-Woodside. If you would like to request a summary or copy of your medical records, please speak to your doctor. Please be informed that administrative fees may apply for such requests and they are usually processed within 5-10 working days.


Our practice has an appointment system for consultations, assisting us in the smooth running of consultations. However, there are inevitable delays sometimes and you may be kept waiting. We sincerely apologize for this delay.

When making your appointment, IF you feel your situation might take longer time to discuss than the standard appointment time, i.e., 10-15 minutes, kindly inform the receptionist of the same and they would book you in for an EXTENDED CONSULTATION. Examples of this type of consultation includes multiple health issues, emotional issues, excision biopsy of skin, life insurance medicals, heart (ECG) checks etc. Of course, we always make provision and time for URGENT consultations, particularly for sick children.

- Long Consultations

Longer consultation are required for Chronic Disease Management and Care Plans, Drivers Medicals and Work Medicals, Work cover etc. Kindly inform the reception when you book your appointment for a long consultation.

- Missed Appointments

We are NOT a bulk billing practice. But we try our best to bulk bill eligible patients as we feel that everyone has a right to good healthcare, and wish to provide an affordable service to the community. We can only bill Medicare for patients actually seen which makes patient attendances very important to us. If you cannot make it to an appointment, please contact the surgery immediately, to give us the opportunity to book other patients during this time. If you do not show up for an appointment, you will be charged a NON-ATTENDANCE FEE.

Billing Information

We are not a BULK BILLING clinic. However, our doctors can bulk bill their patients at their discretion. We do charge facility fees to patients for procedures performed and these charges are not medicare rebatable. There are also other consults that are not eligible for BULK BILLING as per government guidelines. Examples include pre-employment health-checks, travel vaccinations, driver’s license health check for professional drivers, overseas students and tourists without access to Medicare etc.

All fees should be paid on the day. Patients that have outstanding invoices should pay their dues before trying to make another appointment.

Code of Ethics

The Royal Australian College of General Practitioners defines “GENERAL PRACTICE as: “A practice that provides person centred, continuing, comprehensive and coordinated whole-person health care to individuals and families in their communities.”. We sincerely feel that the services offered by us fit comfortably within these guidelines.


All patients’ consultations and records are kept strictly confidential and cannot be discussed or reproduced. It is our practice policy to maintain security of personal health information at all times and ensure that this information is only available to authorized members of staff.

Emergency / After-Hours

When unattended, a recorded phone message will direct you to the emergency/after-hours service to GP care, Mount Barker @ 1300 GP CARE (1300 472 273). For non-urgent health concerns, you can also call healthdirect helpline at any time on 1800 022 222. In case of an emergency please call 000. For issues with Woodside patients, requiring immediate medical advice, that cannot wait for you to see your regular GP the following day, please hold the line and one of our health professionals will answer your call. 

Home Visits

For logistical reasons home visits are only offered when it is very difficult for the sick person to come to the surgery. These are at the doctors’ discretion. Please discuss with your doctor if you feel a visit is required.

Interpreter Service

We use TIS (Translating and Interpreting Service) when necessary.

Medical Certificates

Medical certificates are legal documents. These are available only if you are present for a consultation with one of our doctors. We cannot issue medical certificates without you actually seeing the doctor, and we do not issue medical certificates retrospectively.

Social Media Policy

We are available on Facebook and not on any other social media. However, we do not routinely check the messenger and do not answer your queries. Any questions, please call the Surgery during the office hours. The facebook page is maintained only to update our patients with health related information and rarely to advertise job vacancies. 

Communications Policy

There are multiple ways this practice will communicate with patients and other third parties, telephone being the most common, followed by fax, email and rarely text messages.

Our reception staff may use a triage system to assess the urgency of the patients’ needs and concerns. They will also perform a three-point identifier check to ensure the correct patient chart is matched to the patient on the phone.

When correspondence is received from other healthcare providers, it is directly imported into the patient’s file and then sent through to the doctor to review. This includes results, emails and specialist letters. If the addressed doctor is not available and the correspondence is urgent, another doctor will review and action as necessary.

Communication by Post – for patients who have opted out of SMS, a letter may be sent regarding reminders or recalls. Letters received by the practice are scanned into the patient chart and forwarded to the doctor to review.

Communicating with patients with special needs
A contact list of translator and interpreter services and services for patients with a disability is maintained, updated regularly and readily available to all staff at reception. These include:
• National Relay Service (NRS) for hearing impaired
• Translation and Interpreter Service (TIS) Doctors Priority Line 1300 131 450

Patient Feedback

If you are unhappy about any aspect of our services, please feel free to contact us and air your grievances. Your first line of contact should be our practice manager, on 8389 7232.

We also like to receive positive feedback. Patient feedback/complaint forms are available at the Reception. You can give us anonymous feedback/complaint without identifying yourself. However, if you require an update from us as to how the feedback/complaint was handled, we will not be able to process it without knowing who you are. 

Patient Information

It is of paramount importance that we have your latest up to date medical details, please inform the reception staff when you change Address, Phone Number, Mobile Number, Medicare & Concession Card details. It is very difficult to notify patients if we need to change appointment times when these details are incorrect.

Personal Health Information

One Healthcare preserves the privacy and confidentiality of your personal health information, which includes your medical records, family information, address, employment demographic and account data. Your medical records contain all of your important medical history, such as conditions, treatment, medications, allergies, vaccinations, tests and results. One Healthcare considers all patient medical records in the strictest confidence between you, the patient, and your doctor. One Healthcare will never release your medical records without your written consent, unless the records are subpoenaed by a court of law.

Privacy Information

This practice complies with the Privacy Act.


Our surgery has a recall system that enables us to send reminders for scheduled preventative care and other health related appointments. We also use this system to ensure patients have discussed important results with their doctor.

Please inform us, if you do not wish to be included in our recall register.

Release of Medical Information

New patients registering with us may wish to authorize the release of their medical records from other doctors. This will enable us to provide proper continuity of care for any existing medical conditions. Ask your doctor today about how you can request your medical records to be transferred from your previous health care provider to One Healthcare – Woodside.

Telephone Consultations

We do not offer Telephone Consultations and we encourage you to book an appointment with your doctor if you need a consultation. However, should you wish to leave a message for your doctor as a follow-up measure, please call the reception.

Emergency situations like Acute asthma attack, Chest pain, Severe burns, Electrocution, Severe vomiting etc. need to be treated in a hospital setting. Time is very precious in such circumstances and we highly recommend you call 000. Having an ambulance cover for your family would be a good idea.

Test Results

We do not routinely give out test results over the phone.  Please make an appointment to discuss your test results with your doctor.

Emails and texts

We do not routinely monitor our email inbox and as such any urgent requests need to be addressed to the Reception over the office phone. We do use a stand-by mobile phone for emergency situations like when there is a power outage and internet outage etc. We however do not reply to texts sent to the standby mobile phones. 

Transfer of Medical Records to another Health Provider

We will respond to requests to transfer a copy of your medical records to another practice, when we receive such requests from the said practice on behalf of you, the patient. Please be informed there may be an administrative fee for processing your request. We also provide third party health care providers with a summary of your medical history to ensure continuity of care, such as when we refer you to a specialist.


We do not encourage walk-ins as it disrupts the smooth flow of the appointment system of our practice. However, we will try our best to accommodate emergency situations that can be dealt with in a GP setting. Children under the age of 1 year, needing medical attention under a GP setting are an exception as well.